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Functional, Design and Mobile Testing for HTML5 Banner Campaigns

Challenge: In June of 2015, Mozilla & Google announced their browsers, Firefox and Chrome, will block Flash content by September, resulting in new standards favoring HTML5 for banner ads. For agencies and brands, this announcement signaled a rush to update existing banner ads quickly to HTML5 equivalents. Unlike Flash, HTML5 development requires quality assurance (QA) and testing for functionality and design, resulting in an additional step prior to production. Tribal NY, who partners with ULTRA for all their QA and testing needs, engaged ULTRA testing teams to plan and execute testing for all of their new HTML5 banners.
Action: ULTRA deployed a specialized team consisting of a Delivery Manager and 5 testers, who were able to meet the surge in testing required on multiple Tribal banner projects driven by the impending shift to HTML5. The team created test plans, defined coverage matrixes (for core browsers and devices), determined key QA milestones aligned with production schedule, and set-up an issue tracker to communicate all issues to the development team in real time. Within a 2-week period, the ULTRA team engaged with 4 separate Tribal producers across multiple brands and campaigns, continually adjusting focus based on timing and development needs. By the end of the engagement, the team had tested HTML5 code, static files and staging links over the course of 8 sprints.

Result: Teams were up and running within hours of each assignment, and all bugs were filed within 48 hours. 30 bugs were filed across 5 separate campaigns. 100% of bugs filed were deemed a priority for production and closed prior to launch.

"We trust ULTRA Testing for all of our banner QA. The team is fantastic. They've effortless plugged into our fast paced projects and consistently delivered great results. We recently engaged ULTRA to test 5 banner campaigns, and in every case, the team ramped up quickly, all bugs were filed within 48hrs, and 100% if bugs filed were deemed priority for production".

- Kevin O'Connor, Senior Director Project Management & Production, Tribal Worldwide