56% Better Than IBM

Droga 5

Accessibility Testing for Droga5 & Prudential

Challenge: Droga5 is an award winning creative and strategic advertising agency headquartered in New York with offices in London and Sydney. Droga5 was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company in 2013, Agency of the Year by Adweek in 2014, and an Advertising Age AList Agency for the past three years in a row. Droga5 had been working with Prudential Financial Inc. (Prudential) to develop a new digital platform, www.bringyourchallenges.com and were committed to ensuring that the platform would be fully accessible to users with disabilities (including meeting the WCAG 2.0, Level AA accessibility standards for websites). Compliance with these standards requires unique coding practices, specialized testing and intensive reporting, which called for an external software testing and quality assurance partner. Due to Prudential’s expedited timeline, the need for integrating with Droga5’s website development approach, and requirements for detailed reporting, Droga5 and Prudential selected ULTRA Testing to replace IBM as the platform’s accessibility certification partner.

Action: Over the course of two months, a specialized ULTRA Testing team consisting of an Engagement Manager, Tester, and Accessibility Expert worked closely with the Senior Producer and Technical Director at Droga5 and a variety of developers to ensure all requirements were met. The ULTRA team worked with Droga 5’s issue management system YouTrack to provide detailed reporting of an AMP Automated Tool Review, Code Review, JAWS testing, Mobile Review, and thorough Remediation effort to ensure all requirements were met. A partnership with JAWS (the most widely used screen reader) was established to set up all the proper licensing and software, and ULTRA worked with Prudential and Droga5 to develop and articulate in depth accessibility documentation to be filed with Prudential’s compliance department.

Result: ULTRA developed and implemented a scalable and expedited accessibility testing process that allowed development teams to easily digest and implement accessibility related code fixes. Increasing bug detection by 56% vs. results achieved by previous accessibility testing partner (based on JAWS, code review and mobile issues uncovered, excluding high contrast and automated AMP results. Educated and trained internal and client teams on a streamlined and efficient process for ensuring compliance. Identified challenges with AMP automated tool results, which required additional review, prioritization, and assessment to be useful for the development team. Supported the ongoing development and launch of a fully accessible platform.

"Working with ULTRA has been extremely positive for everyone involved. They have been responsive to the needs and pace of the project and developed a streamlined process for working with our developers which saved a lot of time and effort. ULTRA dramatically increased the bug detection rate vs. the previous testing partner on the project, and they're better and faster than other accessibility vendors I've worked with in the past".

- Laura Tron, Executive Producer Droga5